I P Huse is working to the highest standards. Our certificates and registrations are listed below.


ISO 9001:2015 (download)

ISO 3834-2:2021  (included in ISO 9001)

Welding Workshop Approval Certificate DNVGL-CP-0352 (download)


Achilles JQS - Achilles Id: 47013 (download) Cranes, Davits, Hoists and Winches Anchoring / Buoying Equipment Turrets Equipment / Mechanical Services Surface Treatment, Sandblasting, Painting, Coating and Fireproofing Services Welding and Jointing Services3.5.23.0 Machining Services (in situ and general machining) Cranes / Crane Barges / Heavy Lift Vessels Mooring System Services 


Achilles – Network Silver – supplier Id:47013 (download)

4.13.2 Pelton turbines and accessories 4.13.3 Francis turbines and accessories 4.13.4 Kaplan turbines and accessories 4.13.8 Turbines and spares - hydro 4.13.9 Governors - water turbine

4.38.1 Cranes, davits, hoists and winches 4.39.1 Anchoring/buoying equipment 4.39.3 Turrets

4.39.22 Mooring and anchoring products and machinery Mooring line accessories (connectors, tensioners, dampers, tension monitoring)

10.5.3 Non-destructive testing (NDT) services

10.5.99 Other testing services

10.11.7 Cranes / crane barges / heavy lift vessels services

10.11.11 Floating storage unit (FSU) services

10.11.13 Mooring system services

10.11.15 Upgrading services of ships

10.11.20 Net and cage services

10.15.11 Setting out services

11.8.12 Miscellaneous repair and maintenance services

12.2.12 Mechanical fabricating services

12.3.1 Equipment / mechanical services

12.3.3 Material technology / anti-corrosion / surface protection services

12.3.9 Non-destructive testing services

12.3.11 Product testing services

12.3.20 Abrasive surface treatment services

12.3.22 General assembly services

12.3.26 Manufacturing facilities and equipment

13.3.8 Machining services (in situ and general machining)

13.3.9 Overhaul and refurbishment services

13.3.18 Surface treatment, sandblasting, painting, coating and fireproofing services

13.3.22 Welding and jointing services

13.3.25 Cutting services

13.3.99 Other machining services

13.4.26 Marine equipment maintenance and repair services

13.4.29 Mechanical maintenance and repair services

13.4.30 Mechanical maintenance services

13.4.68 Welding and cutting services Detailed design - floating foundations including mooring systems (offshore wind farm)

20.1.19 Wind farm construction services

20.1.98 Other turbine services